Brand Identity

Your brand is your reputation, what everyone says about you when you’re not around. Every company must build a long-lasting Brand that attracts customers to your business.


Brand Development

The current state of your brand development lies in the collective perceptions of those who have an understanding of your organization, be it shallow or deep-rooted. They may be right, they may be wrong; it doesn’t matter. Perception is reality.

Logos, taglines, advertising messages – All these are vital, yet the starting block is elsewhere. Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of a business, and it needs to be carefully crafted to ensure it properly and authentically represents the business.

We’ll help you understand how branding works and how to develop key branding initiatives. This isn’t big-brand talk; it’s practical hands-on kind of stuff. Let’s help enhance your business competitiveness, identify your
unique proposition and differentiate your business from your competitors.

Ultimately, gaining brand loyalty and strong connection with your consumers becomes your brand’s reward.

Art Direction and Design

Our teams of highly talented art directors and designers work together to guide the client brief into a creative solution executed in a visual way.

Every visual element of the brand articulates the core creative idea that guides any campaign communication, packaging design or product development process. Once a ‘big’ idea is identified, designs are drawn and
created to illustrate the brand’s look and messaging to truly reflect your target audience.

We make sure that it’s simple so your customers quickly connect with the heart and value of your brand. Only then can it be powerful enough to span across all mediums and platforms.

When you only have a few seconds to grab people’s attention, simplicity in your visual style and messaging is essential.

Brand Identity Creation

What happens when your organisation outgrows its name or outperforms its brand identity?
We work with companies to develop a brand identity that articulates their unique brand values, personality traits and aspirations. Your brand name and brand mark are the simplest visual expressions of your brand. Just like countries have flags; so do companies have logos.

Too often a logo is seen to exist on its own like a piece of ice instead of the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the tip of the iceberg lies the larger visual identity the overall look and feel. It determines elements such as colour, fonts, graphic styles, photography, key messages, voice and tone.

Our creative team will develop a suite of versatile visual and verbal brand identities which we can roll out across all brand communications. Whether it’s a new identity or the refreshing of an existing one, we have the
experience and expertise to help a company develop a strong brand identity that in turn strengthens their business.

Corporate Stationery

Stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes, invitations, gift and business cards are more than a collection of functional office supplies. In reality, these items are often the first ways in which you can make an impact on potential customers and employees.

Our creative team is well aware of this fact and will spend the time and creative energy to ensure your stationery makes the right impression on your audience. Well-designed stationery conveys professionalism and cohesion that helps build your brand. The finish on a business card or a letter headed paper matters to us, and to the businesses we work with. Why? Because it is a reflection of the overall quality of a corporate brand identity.